Klosterparken – Sheltered herb garden from a bygone era

Right in the centre of the city, on Klostergatan between the pedestrianised area and the river Fyrisån, there is a small unassuming park with a fascinating medieval history. On a spring or summer day, the herb garden’s fragrances can be intoxicating.

Gunnar Leches park – Welcome to Uppsala, welcome home

Gunnar Leches park will make your wait more pleasant, whether you are travelling or meeting someone. It is also an enjoyable part of weekdays for tens of thousands of commuters – and welcomes you to the city of Linnaeus.

Artediparken – home of the tamed beast ODjur

Near Årummet is a small park that was previously a car park. Today, it is the home of a small bronze animal that enjoys beautiful music.

Universitetsparken – Centrally located in the city’s historic distric

The rector and botanist Thore Fries wanted an educational park in the spirit of Linnaeus. He had a variety of trees planted so the young students could go out and learn to recognise them. Today there are nearly 100 trees of more than 40 species in the park.

Årummet – Uppsala’s green waterside

The waterside gives city residents somewhere to meet, think, lunch, eat ice cream, drink coffee and stroll. In Uppsala, we have our beloved Årum (River Room), where we enjoy an open-air city life all summer.