Events Carl Linnaeus’ Garden Party

Please join us to celebrate Carl Linnaeus’ birthday!

DATE: Saturday 19 May, 11:00-17:00
VENUE: The Linnaeus Garden in Uppsala, Svartbäcksgatan 27, and the Årummet area by the Fyrisån river, between Skolgatan and Linnégatan in Uppsala.
Free entry to the Linnaeus Garden and the Linnaeus Museum all day.

Travel back in time to the 18th century, with rustling skirts, shiny shoe buckles and artisan food. Hunt for rare plants and pick up gardening tips in this spring’s premier plant sale. Learn about the collections. Meet researchers and conduct experiments. Join guided tours or an expedition. Listen to 18th century music and artistic choral singing. Round off the day with a BioBlitz along a Linnaeus Trail.

The Linnaeus Garden Party is an Eco-Labelled Event from the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation!

About the event. Come along to the Linnaeus’ Uppsala information marquee, at the Linnégatan-Svartbäcksgatan crossroads, where we can tell you about all the exciting things you can experience in the garden during the day and about what’s happening in Linnaeus’ Uppsala this summer.

Programme in the Linnaeus Garden from 11:00-17:00.

Garden Market. Sale of products on a theme of parks and gardens. Advice and plant sale, with sales of seeds, plants and cuttings. On Svartbäcksgatan and the Årummet area between Skolgatan and Linnégatan.

Open house at the Linnaeus family home. The Linnaeus Museum is in the building that was once Carl Linnaeus’ home. Feel free to visit the professor’s home, which was used for research, education and private life. Artefacts, furniture, wallpaper and portraits tell the story of Linnaeus’ life and times. The museum only has room for 30 people at a time, so there may be some waiting time. Organised by: Swedish Linnaeus Society

Linnaeus Botanical Garden. Experience the Linnaeus Garden in the first flourish of spring in a festive setting. Join a guided tour of the plants cultivated by Linnaeus. Find out more about the history of the garden.

Guided tours at 11:30 (English), 13:15 (with the head gardener), 13:30, 14:30 (English), 15:30. Start in front of the museum shop (free of charge). Organised by: Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

Craft market and 18th century festival. Here you can buy anything from gardening tools and plant pots to beautiful jewellery, glassware and products with an 18th century theme. There is also information about gardening associations as well as parks and gardens in Linnaeus’ Uppland region.  In the Linnaeus Garden. Exhibitors, see below.

What was it like, living in Linnaeus’ time? The dance groups Branicula (from the Gustavian Society of Sweden) and Grevinnan Brahe are two 18th century societies that wear wonderful costumes and depict life in Linnaeus’ time through games and dance. Board games, horse shoe pitching, etc.

Carl Linnaeus and collections. In an exhibition in the orangery, the Museum of Evolution tells the story of Linnaeus and his students’ collections. What and why did they collect? What can old museum artefacts tell us? And are they relevant today? Organiser: Museum of Evolution.

Winged flora. Photographic art by the florist Linnea Persson and the photographer Peter Ericsson. The component parts of flora are used to generate fantastical fauna. View the exhibition between the presentations in the Linnaeus Garden’s orangery.

Carl Michael Bellman x 2 and Ulla Winblad. Musical entertainment on Svartbäcksgatan at several times during the day.


Research and future

Linnaeus Trails and expedition with Biotopia. In his time, Linnaeus was incredibly popular as an inspirational figure out in the countryside. This is a tradition that we want to keep alive! Pick up tips about the eight Linnaeus Trails in Uppsala and about excursions and trips all over the Uppland region. At 12:00 and 15:00 you can join guided family tours on which we investigate, among other things, pollen and life in the dam. Venue: By the Biotopia marquee. Organised by: Biotopia.

Discover and learn about pollen and fossils. Come along and meet researchers and students who work with plants. Take a look into the fascinating world of plants. Look at pollen in a stereo microscope and take photographs! Experimental workshop for children and adults. Venue: The experiment marquee. Organised by: Linnean Centre for Plant Biology, Uppsala University.

Build homes for bees and other pollinators. Come along and build an insect hotel or a butterfly house with educationalists from the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala. Learn more about bumble bees, hoverflies, bees and the flowers they visit. Join a guided tour about how seeds develop, 13:00 (for children aged 10-15). Venue: By the Biotopia marquee. Organiser: Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.


Activities on the river

Canoeing quiz on the Fyrisån river. Discover Uppsala from a new perspective. Go canoeing while testing your knowledge of Linnaeus, the Fyrisån river and canoeing. Organised by: Sport Adventure Travels Uppsala.

Coffee and cakes on the Fyrisån river. Bring along a picnic and relax on the Fyrisån river. At high tide, the floating café moors by the jetty all day, in the Årummet area in the centre of the garden market. At low tide it goes on trips along the river (cost SEK 60/person). Organiser: Kultur vid Fyrisån.


Detailed programme for the garden party

Unless otherwise specified, items on the programme take place in the Linnaeus Garden.

11:00-15:00 Uppsala waste bin choir and waste game Uppsala’s waste bin choir is going on its summer tour and offers the cleanest voices in Uppsala! They are taking with them their educational waste game for children who want to find out more about recycling, waste and the environment. In the garden market by the Fyrisån river.

11:15 Meet Uncle Linnaeus! Carl Linnaeus tells children about relationships in nature and about odd features of flora and fauna. Guided family tour. Start in front of the museum shop, with the walk continuing towards the river.

11:15 Grevinnan Brahe and Branicula. 18th century dances from Sweden, England and France with the dance groups Grevinnan Brahe and Branicula. Music: The Dancing Masters.

11:30 Guided tour of the garden in English. Start in front of the museum shop.

11:45 Costume show. The Gustavian Society of Sweden presents different kinds of clothes from the 18th century.

12:30 Grevinnan Brahe and Branicula. 18th century dances from Sweden, England and France with the dance groups Grevinnan Brahe and Branicula. Music: The Dancing Masters. By the Fyrisån river.

13:00 Costume show. The Gustavian Society of Sweden presents different kinds of clothes from the 18th century. By the Fyrisån river.

14:00 Children and young people’s group from the Gustavian Society of Sweden Dancing and singing games from the 18th century. By the river.

14:30 Costume show The Gustavian Society of Sweden presents different kinds of clothes from the 18th century. By the Fyrisån river.

14:30 Guided tour of the garden in English. Start in front of the museum shop.

15:00-15:45 Congratulations Linnaeus! Tribute to Carl Linnaeus and official opening of this summer’s exhibition in the Linnaeus Museum. In front of the Linnaeus Museum.

The tribute and the official opening will take place in Swedish.

The tribute begins with the children and young people’s group from the Gustavian Society of Sweden, who present 18th century dances and singing games.

Speaker Jesper Kårehed, Curator at the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, welcomes everyone to the tribute. Followed by speeches to Linnaeus by representatives from Uppsala Municipality and Uppsala University. Response from Linnaeus.

Finally, the official opening of the summer exhibition in the Linnaeus Museum, which highlights artefacts and furniture in the museum’s collections. (The museum is open until 17:00, with free entry.)

16:00 Chorus of “The Ark of Covenant” Katarzyna Kozyra. The legacy of Carl Linnaeus is examined from an unconventional perspective. Linnaeus’ daughter conducts Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with a choir rendering the voices as animal sounds. The piece is performed by the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra and is an excerpt from a longer, unreleased performance in which Linnaeus brings order to turbulent times. The programme is part of the Revolve Performance Art Days. Organised by: Uppsala Art Museum.



Download programme in pdf here.



Linnaeus’ Uppsala. The event on 19 May is a collaboration between Uppsala University, Uppsala Municipality, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Linnaeus Society and Destination Uppsala.

Co-organisers of the garden party:

Also contributing to the organisation are Biotopia, the Museum of Evolution (Uppsala University), the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology (Uppsala University), the Gustavian Society of Sweden (with their children and young people’s dance group and the Branicula dance group).


By the Keep Sweden Tidy Organisation.

Practical information

There is a wide range of cafés and restaurants in the area around the Linnaeus Garden.

Please use public transport to get to the Linnaeus Garden Party!  About 200 metres’ walking distance from the Linnaeus Garden are bus stops for both city and county buses, for further information see

Walking distance to the travel centre (Resecentrum), about 600 metres.

Because of the Linnaeus Garden Party, the following streets will be closed on

19 May from 07:00-20:00:

  • Svartbäcksgatan between S:t Olofsgatan and Skolgatan.
  • Årummet between S:t Olofsgatan and Skolgatan.
  • Linnégatan between Svartbäcksgatan and Fyrisån

Follow the temporary signs. The event will be well signposted and we will have hosts at the barriers.

  • Address of the organisation: Svartbäcksgatan 1 and Cafe Carl von Linne

Uppsala Tourist Centre

Uppsala Tourist Information will be on site by the organiser’s marquee at the Linnégatan-Svartbäcksgatan crossroads from 11:00-17:00.

Tourist information staff can answer your questions and provide you with ideas about current events, attractions and activities in Uppsala and the county. You can also get help booking accommodation and finding maps and brochures.

For more information about Uppsala, visit

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme where we have not been notified prior to the publication of the website.

Photo: Ana Vera Burin Batarra