The flowers in the test

It is easy to apply attributes to plants, in the same way one applies them to humans. Some are tough, others more romantic. There are the independent ones, and the almost clingy. The early risers, and those that blossom in the evening. Some are firmly rooted while others are more fleeting.

Here you can read more about the flowers that are included in the test. Perhaps you have a Columbine, a Snake’s Head or a Rosehip among your friends?

Anemone Hepatica, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Columbine

Blasippa_miniatyr Smorblomma_miniatyr Tussilago_miniatyr Akleja_miniatyr

Cornflower, Cowslip, Dandelion, Forget-me-not

Blaklint_miniatyr Gullviva_miniatyr Maskros_miniatyr Forgatmigej_miniatyr

Ivy, Lily of the Valley, Linnaea, Long-headed Poppy

Mistel_miniatyr Liljekonvalj_miniatyr Linnea_miniatyr Vallmo_miniatyr

Mistletoe, Red Clover, Rosehip, Snake’s Head

Mistel_miniatyr Rodklover_miniatyr Nyponros_miniatyr Kungsangslilja_miniatyr